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Bienvenidos Brasil

  • Programa de difusão da aprendizagem e serviço solidário no Brasil
  • Brazil Programme

Service-Learning Promotion Programme in Brazil

This programme was launched in 2017 to promote and expand the service-learning pedagogical proposal in the Brazilian educational system. In November 2017, CLAYSS participated in the foundation of the Service-Learning Brazilian Network, supporting this development through face-to-face and virtual teacher-training activities, being part of educational congresses in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, granting scholarships to International Service-Learning Conferences in Argentina and developing pedagogical materials specifically for Brazil. 

In 2019, the Network organized the First Service-Learning Conference in Brazil, together with the Escola do Parlamento de Sao Paulo, CENPEC (study and investigation centre in education, culture and community engagement), Instituto Singularidades, OEI (the Organization of Ibero-American States) and other partners. In addition, Regional Solidarity Learning Meetings were held in different corners of the country, such as Minas Gerais, Maranhao, Pernambuco and Porto Alegre. In 2020, CLAYSS was part of the organization and evaluation of the First National Solidarity Learning Award in Brazil, in addition to implementing a programme that specifically provided support to five schools that carry out solidarity educational practices.


Urban Forest Project

Urban Forest Project

Finalista no Desafio Criativos da Escola 2017

SOS-Home Project

SOS-Home Project

Finalista no Desafio Criativos da Escola 2019


Feira Solidária promovida pelo Projeto Preta

Feira Solidária promovida pelo Projeto Preta

4.5 tons of food for 300 families

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